Welcome at Link4Logic

Link4Logic provides services in the area of (embedded) hardware and software development.

Focussing on Embedded

Link4Logic focuses on the realm where hardware meets software. Traditionally, experts working in hardware or software development typically have strong knowledge in one of these two areas of expertise, and less about the other.

And while we have learned that it is generally a good idea to have a proper separation of concerns, Link4Logic strongly believes that, in order to achieve better results, one must try be an expert in both areas, effectively bridging these two worlds.

More than Embedded: Multidisciplinary

This does not necessarily mean that Link4Logic solely focusses on embedded hardware and software development. In fact, present day information technology is, more and more, bringing many worlds together.

A multidisciplinary background allows for better understanding the key aspects of these different worlds. Having a solid background in Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Medicine benefits insight, improves communication and generally raises the bar on what can be achieved.

Link4Logic could play a significant role in any of the steps along the line of acquisition, processing, analysing, controlling and the representation of information and the processes involved.

Your 'Link for Logic'

Information is the keyword in this new technological age, and it comes in many shapes and forms and on many levels. Digital Logic is the ‘fabric’ that _Link_s information and the accompanying processes together. Link4Logic likes to make sense of this abstract world, harnessing the power that lies within this information.

How can Link4Logic be your Link for Logic?